Transforming Talent is about defining and pursuing excellence (personal/professional and individual/team).

Each of us have been born with talents to contribute to the world. The challenge is often identifying them and giving them the attention they deserve in order to transform them into excellence.

Teresa R. Nehra:
"I aspire to facilitate the discovery and transformation of talent. I am energized and motivated when I can observe and measure the positive impact my interventions have had on individuals and teams."

English: Native (U.S. citizen)
French: Fluent (Belgian resident)
Spanish: Fluent (lived in Spain)
Dutch: Basic listening comprehension
Italian: Basic listening comprehension

Experience (see also LinkedIN):
Teresa is a learning and development professional with experience in a variety of corporate education roles. As part of the Europay Academy, Teresa managed client relations with banks across Europe. In addition to managing the Academy faculty, she created company-specific programs and delivered them throughout Europe. Delivering mostly in English, Teresa has experience working with translators and has delivered programs in both Spanish and French. Teresa created and developed the L&D function at MasterCard Europe. Initially a supplier management role, it became of center of expertise partnering to achieve business strategy. She gained experience (and often certifications) in numerous programs: Teresa’s customers appreciate her empathy and listening skills which contribute to her honest feedback during interventions. Teresa is a realistic optimist with energy and patience. Her breadth of expertise allows a variety practical examples that aide in communicating for understanding. Some examples of her deliverables include
  • Partnership to develop and deliver a European-wide Managerial Coaching program.
  • Lead the European-wide launch and delivery of the “Strategy Mapping” development event to target audience of over 700 within 2 months.
  • Actively supported two mergers by delivering and customizing when needed, change management and cultural awareness programs
  • Creation and delivery of team specific development solutions to address such challenges as: objective setting, development planning, interpersonal effectiveness, process improvements.

email transformingtalent@gmail.com
website www.linkedin.com/in/teresanehra




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